More than a game, a real sport
Recognized as a real sport since the 1970s, the Camarguaise Race honors men and bulls. The raseteurs are the main actors of the Camargue race. They generally confront in twos, threes or more, an animal called a cocardier, a very lively and light castrated bull, from which they try to remove the prized attributes which decorate its head.

The raseteurs, are classified by categories, from the aspirants to the most experienced. Their activity requires a good knowledge of the bull, solid technical qualities and a lot of skill, as well as perfect physical condition. They are helped by turners whose role is to fix the bull and place it correctly before charging.

The Camargue race differs from the Andalusian race in many aspects and in particular that of not practicing the killing of bulls. In the Camargue, the bull is adored like a king. It is also the bull that is honored, it is his name and not that of the raseteur that is displayed when entering the arena. From April to October, the Courses Camarguaises enliven the arenas of the villages around Arles, Nîmes and Tarascon.

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