Les Baux-de-Provence:
fascinating Egypt will take over the Carrières de Lumières


The Carrières de Lumières are preparing to go back in time from April 19, with an immersion in eternal Egypt, a fascinating civilization that spans three millennia.
With “The Egypt of the Pharaohs. From Cheops to Ramesses II” as a long program, the exhibition will first reveal the vestiges of ancient Egypt as they appeared to French scientists during the Campaign of Egypt. On the walls of the Quarries, the sacred forces of the gods will then clash until the appearance of the first men on earth, then the journey will continue on the Nile. Bas-reliefs, paintings and ancient papyri… The daily life of ancient Egypt will be revealed before giving way to the gigantic construction sites and wonders of ancient architecture. The pyramids will thus be built: one by one, the colossal blocks pile up and erect the tombs of the eternal kings, guarded by the majestic Sphinx. The monumental sculptures of the sovereigns, Khafre, Hatshepsut, Tuthmosis III, Akhenaten and Nefertiti; the mythical battles that punctuated their reigns will also pass before the eyes of spectators.
Finally, the visitor will be led into the afterlife, approaching the astronomical ceiling of Dendera, which normally peaks 15 meters above the ground and unfolds here within sight…
In the short program “The Orientalists. Ingres, Delacroix, Gérôme…”, Western painters, attracted by the mysteries of distant lands, opened the doors to the Orient in the 19th century. The work of these artists and that of other major names in European expression will invite you on a veritable pictorial expedition towards the exotic and captivating new world of the dreamed Orient.
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