The Cosquer cave


Come and discover in the very center of Marseille one of the most beautiful testimonies of our past. The Cosquer cave, a major site of parietal art. As for its big sister “The Chauvet cave”, it is the Kléber Rossillon company which was chosen to restore and exploit the cave, in La Villa Méditerranée, on the esplanade of the D4. This prehistoric gem will have no more secrets for you.

Your visit will begin on the ground floor, in a diving club, the very one where Henri Cosquer prepared for his underwater walks. Don’t worry, you won’t have to put on your wetsuit or flippers! You will then descend 37 meters under the sea, aboard a diving chamber (you will understand, this is only a simulation, in reality you will only go to level -2!)

At the exit of the “caisson” you will board small vehicles to go back in time to the Paleolithic. After 35 minutes of immersion, you will be back on dry land where an exceptional documentary on the discovery of the cave will be presented to you.

On level 3, you can take advantage of the Mediterranean Gallery to learn more about our ancestors and their way of life.
The visit of the 3 levels lasts approximately 2 hours

sous les platanes
sous les platanes